Motorway Driving Tips

An estimated one-third of UK drivers never, or rarely, do motorway driving. With more than 32 million licence holders, that’s a large number of people not driving on motorways.

Motorway Driving Tips

There are many reasons why people may be reluctant to drive on motorways. Some common reasons include the risk of an accident, traffic jams, and driving at high speed. In reality, there are fewer accidents on our motorways than on other roads.

Many new drivers worried about driving on motorways as they have limited experience. However, once they become familiar with motorway driving, it’s less intimidating. But bad habits can be adopted which could cause motorway accidents.

Safe stopping distance

It is important to maintain a safe stopping distance to the vehicle in front. You never tailgate as you will not have sufficient time to brake. You should follow the ‘two-second’ rule on dry roads and at least double the gap if it is raining. When it is icy or foggy, allow even more distance – up to ten times as far.

Stay on the left

You should remain in the left-hand motorway lane unless overtaking. This means other drivers can overtake safely and the traffic can keep moving. Hogging the middle lane causes congestion and increases the risk of accidents.

Always Indicate

If you are going to change lanes on the motorway, do it in plenty of time. Indicating too late increases the risk of an accident.

No Speeding

Driving over 70 mph on a motorway is illegal. However variable speed limits are in effect on many roads. These are enforced by speed cameras. Driving steadily allows you to control your vehicle better.

Avoid distractions

Staying focused is important when driving at high speed. Make sure that you are aware of upcoming potential hazards so you can react to them.

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