Motorhome Tyres & Your Safety

Motorhome tyres are the only part of your motorhome which comes into contact with the road. Your safety – and that of the vehicle’s other occupants – when you accelerate, brake, and corner all depend upon a small area of contact. It is of the utmost importance that your tyres are maintained in good condition at all times. When the time comes to buy a new set of tyres, make sure that the correct replacement tyres are fitted.

Motorhome Tyres & Your Safety

The original tyres fitted when your motorhome was new will have been determined by joint consultation between the vehicle manufacturer and tyre manufacturers. The right tyre is chosen, taking into account all aspects of the vehicle’s use. It is recommended that you never change tyre size or type before seeking advice from the manufacturers of your motorhome or tyres, as this will affect your motorhome’s handling. In some countries in Europe, it is illegal to use tyres which differ in certain respects from the tyre that was originally fitted by the vehicle manufacturer – so wherever possible switch them “like for like”. And remember that the minimum tread depth in some countries is 3mm in winter compared to 1.6mm in the UK.

Remember the ‘Golden Rules’ for using motorhomes safely:

  • Fit tyres of the correct specification
  • Tyres must be in good condition
  • Do not overload
  • Tyre pressures must be correctly maintained
  • Check your tyres regularly for signs of damage and take out any objects stuck into gaps in the thread (such as trapped stones).
  • Drive the vehicle at reasonable speeds – certainly within speed limits
  • Avoid rapid manoeuvres, e.g. sudden braking or lane changes, wherever possible.
  • Respect the motorhome manufacturer’s advice and recommendations.

Motorhome Tyres from Car Clinic MOT Centre

When you buy a new set of Motorhome tyres from Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port to be fitted to your motorhome you can be sure that you will be enjoying the very best in tyre technology and quality at an unbeatable price. For an Ellesmere Port tyres quote, Ellesmere Port MOT or an Ellesmere Port car repairs quote, just call us on 0151 339 0101.