Motorhome Tyres Advice This Easter Holidays

Whatever type of tyres are fitted to your motorhome, it is essential for its safety and stability that they are correctly inflated for the load they bear. Under-inflated tyres are more likely to suffer from a sudden rapid deflation – and that can cause you to lose control. Stay safe this Easter with some basic motorhome tyres advice this Easter holidays:

Motorhome Tyres Advice This Easter Holidays

It is essential that the right tyres are fitted to your motorhome. It is advisable to use the same type of tyre on every wheel. Tyre pressures across an axle must be equal. Tyres on motorhomes are usually a Light Commercial type (“C” or “CP”). The original type of tyre should not be replaced without consulting an expert as it will affect the driving characteristics of the motorhome.

Stick to the speed limit in your motorhome. It may seem obvious, but they have a load distribution different from conventional vehicles, and different handling characteristics. Always drive at an appropriate speed for the vehicle.

It is dangerous to overload tyres. A badly distributed load can cause overloading of the wheels even below the maximum permissible load. Spread the load evenly around the vehicle and ensure the total vehicle weight is below the specified maximum: a margin of 10% is usually enough. 

We do not advise using a pre-puncture sealant in your tyres. On the other hand, a post-puncture sealant can be useful – but only use it in order to move the vehicle to a safe location for permanent repairs. After having a puncture, it is important to have all tyres checked as the tyres on the other side may have been overloaded.

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