Motorcycle Chain Care

Motorcycle chains are vital: the health of your motorcycle chain and the health of your motorcycle are intrinsically linked! Keep your motorcycle chain in good condition with regular maintenance and cleaning.

Motorcycle Chain Care

If you’ve been racking up the miles after lockdown or have neglected your bike for a while, your motorcycle chain will always welcome some TLC. Thankfully, there are innovative products available to keep your chain in good condition!

Motorcycle chain cleaner

Before applying any kind of product to the chain, you first need to give it a deep clean to remove the dirt and grime that has accumulated on it. A clean surface allows lubricants and waxes to coat and protects the chain better. The best way to remove built-up dirt and grease is by using a specialist chain cleaner.

While the bike is secured, it is a good time to also tackle the grime on your wheels. An all-in-one spray which cleans and lubricates is the ideal product to use.

Once the chain and wheels are thoroughly clean, give your motorcycle an all-over clean.

Chain Tension

Effective chain maintenance is about more than just cleaning. Check the chain tension and adjust it for a smoother, safer ride.

Another important task is checking the wheel alignment. Proper wheel alignment prevents uneven tyre wear and protects the steering and brakes too.

Motorcycle chain lubricant

Chain lubricant is a must for any motorcyclist! It provides long-lasting protection against the elements and improves bike performance. A dry chain is bad news for a bike, so an effective lubricant is vital. Lubricants are available for all types of chain wear, for intense bursts of use on a track day to a prolonged tour.

Once your chain is cleaned, tightened and lubricated, you will enjoy a smoother ride with better power delivery.

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