MOT Test – Top Reasons for MOT failures

MOT Test - Top Reasons for MOT failures

The MOT Test (Ministry of Transport Test) is a critical part of your vehicle’s annual maintenance cycle. Designed to prove your car’s roadworthiness, it’s an inspection of almost everything but your engine, clutch, and gearbox and strict standards have to be met.  If your car or van is three years old or more then you will need an MOT.

MOT Test – Top Reasons for MOT failures

Here are some of the most common reasons that cars fail their MOT.

MOT Test – Warning lights lit up on the dashboard

There are many warning lights on the dashboard – for antilock brakes, engine warning, oil pressure, battery alert and so on – and usually, they are not lit up.  But if any of them are, it is an MOT fail. So, get them fixed by Car Clinic MOT Centre before your MOT.

MOT Test – Items blocking the view of the road

About one in 20 MOT test fails is due to obstructions in the driver’s view.  Stickers, parking permits, stuffed toys or air fresheners must be located outside the wiper’s sweep area.  Chips in the windscreen have to be repaired if they obstruct the view of the road.

MOT Test – Registration numbers

Make sure your registration plate has the correct font and spacing.  If it’s dirty or damaged, the numbers and letters won’t be clearly visible – and you will fail your MOT.

MOT Test – Car lights are not working properly

Even a simple blown bulb means an MOT failure.  If you are not sure how to replace the bulb, Car Clinic MOT Centre can supply and fit them. Do it before the MOT, so you do not need a retest.

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