May Bank Holiday Driving Safety Tips

All over the United Kingdom, drivers will be preparing to take to the road to get away for the May Bank Holiday weekend. We have collected some May bank holiday driving safety tips to follow that will avoid spoiling the day with an avoidable breakdown.

May Bank Holiday Driving Safety Tips

To better the odds of making it to your destination without breaking down, follow our practical guidance:

1- Walk around the car before setting off to check for potential problems, paying attention in particular to your tyres and lights.

2- Check the tread depths and pressures of all your tyres. Don’t forget your spare wheel.

3- Check your fluid levels are all topped up.

4 – Ensure you have breakdown cover.

5- Keep an atlas in the car in case you need to ring for assistance. Don’t rely on maps on mobile phones – you may not always have signal or battery!

6- Keep some coins in the car in case you need them for a payphone.

7- Check your phone’s battery is charged before setting off – and keep a charger for it in the car.

8- Write down your breakdown company or local recovery garage’s number down and keep it in the car.

9- Buy a reflective red warning triangle and use it to warn oncoming drivers if you break down.

10- Keep a bag with a set of warm clothes, a large rug and some chocolate or sweets and a drink in the boot – even in summer it can be cold and should you be stuck for a long time, a bottle of water will be essential.

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