Major Service

Why go to the main dealer when it comes to your annual car service? Here at your local independent Ellesmere Port Garage, Car Clinic MOT Centre, we can complete a service to your manufacturer’s guidelines for a fixed fee.

Major Service

A service is a vital part of preventative maintenance for a modern vehicle. It checks that the car is working as it should, that all of the fluid levels are topped up, and can give you that all-important heads up on parts that might need to be replaced before the dreaded MOT! The major service takes place usually every two years, although it can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. As the name would suggest, a major service is a much bigger job than an interim service! Most of the fluids within the car will be checked or replenished at your major service, and a thorough check will be undertaken of safety-critical areas such as the brakes and steering. It’s really important that you keep up the service history of your car. As well as protecting its future resale value, it vastly extends the vehicle’s longevity and can save you a fortune in repairs in the long run. Call today to book your car in for a service at our Ellesmere Port Garage.

Ellesmere Port Car servicing at Car Clinic MOT Centre

All of our fixed price services follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Our prices include VAT, and a courtesy car is available subject to terms and conditions. To protect your manufacturer’s warranty, we use genuine OEM parts.

Car Clinic MOT Centre – Ellesmere Port Garage

Car Clinic MOT Centre are your local experts for MOTs, tyres and car repairs. For a free Ellesmere Port car repairs quote or an Ellesmere Port tyres quote, just call our friendly team on 0151 339 0101 or pop into our local Ellesmere Port garage at your convenience to book an Ellesmere Port MOT.