Lion Car Batteries Ellesmere Port

The battery in your car is really important. It is there to start your vehicle, and on cold mornings you will really notice if your battery is getting flat as your car, van or motorhome gets hard to start. The battery is recharged by the alternator as you drive, but over time your battery will lose capacity – just like the one in your phone – and eventually, your car won’t start, and you are going to need a new one. Car Clinic MOT Centre is the best place to get Lion car batteries replaced in Ellesmere Port. We stock many brands to suit every pocket so don’t put it off and get your battery replaced before it’s too late!

Lion Car Batteries

Lion Batteries offer a comprehensive range of quality automotive batteries for motor vehicles. The Lion Automotive Range covers all applications and includes an affordable option and a premium option to suit all uses.

Lion Black Conventional Batteries

The Lion Black Conventional range and its sister brand, the Lion Blue SMF range, both offer quality at a good price.  Lion’s Economy Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) range of batteries offer a range of quality battery products at a competitive price position.

Lion Red Premium Batteries

The Lion Red Premium SMF range offers complete coverage for replacement of original equipment specification. These high capacity batteries include new technology AGM/EFB batteries for Stop-Start systems, which put the battery under even greater strain than ever before. The distinctive black case, red top and red label livery makes it stand out as a premium range

Car Clinic MOT Centre –Ellesmere Port Garage

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