Landsail Tyres Ellesmere Port

Landsail Tyres

Landsail Tyres Ellesmere Port

Quality, technology, confidence – three things that run through the treads of every single set of high-performance Landsail tyres.
You will be able to feel the difference you get with a set of Landsail tyres even when conditions are at their most demanding.

Choosing Landsail Tyres From Car Clinic MOT Centre

Here at Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port, we recommend Landsail tyres. We think that they offer you the perfect combination of efficiency, durability and performance.

Passenger Tyres

The Landsail range of passenger car tyres consists of 3 different tread patterns. Each is manufactured using an advanced silica compound. Thanks to this, the Landsail tyre range offers perfect performance in all weathers along with durability and better fuel efficiency.

SUV Tyres

The growing range of Landsail tyres is geared perfectly towards the specific needs of this diverse and expanding category. With a choice between 3 different patterns for SUVs, ranging from 16” to 24”- Landsail’s SUV tyres from Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port are the tried and tested option. They offer you exceptional performance, in even the most demanding applications.

Van Tyres

Landsail commercial van tyres are manufactured to offer the best durability and longevity in their class. All of Landsail’s van tyres are made with a reinforced casing, making them extremely strong. They perform outstandingly well on rugged surfaces as a result.

Run Flat Tyres

No problem if you lose pressure when you have Landsail run-flats fitted. They combine Landsail’s quality with VMI Exxium technology. Run-flat tyres give you peace of mind and confidence so you can keep driving even after suffering a puncture.

Winter Tyres

When the temperature drops, you can rely on Landsail’s range of winter tyres. With tread compounds designed for the cold and groove patterns designed for the best traction, you will always be ready for even the most extreme conditions.

The Landsail Tyres Story

Setting new benchmarks for value and quality, Landsail tyres from Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port mix state of the art engineering and 80 years of tyre making experience.

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