Keeping Your Van Safe and Road Ready

There are more commercial vehicles on the roads than ever before, and that is largely down to vans, with almost 5 million supporting big and small businesses. Read our Car Clinic MOT Centre guide to keeping your van safe and road ready now…

Keeping Your Van Safe and Road Ready

Here are some tips to ensure your van is road-ready.

Ensure your tyres are legal

Underinflated tyres, those with a tread depth that’s too low or those in poor condition are dangerous and could lead to points on your license. It’s really important to make sure your tyres are up-to-scratch. Invest in a tyres gauge and replace them as soon as the tread depth drops.

Get your brakes and steering checked

It is obvious why this is essential to stay safe on the roads. Get a Brake Check and Steering Check, where a technician will check everything over and make sure that everything’s working as it should be. If there are problems, you will get a no-obligation quote free of charge.

Know your load limit

Overloading a van can make it more difficult to handle, and also wears down your brakes and suspension quicker. It’s definitely to be avoided. Know your van’s maximum payload so you can stay safely beneath it and ensure that goods inside the vehicle are properly secured.

Illuminate the road

Ensuring the headlights are balanced and in good working order helps to keep you and other road users safe.

Top Up fluids

Brake fluid, coolant, oil and power steering fluid are just some of the key fluids you need to keep an eye on. Having the correct levels ensures your van operates smoothly. You can check most of them easily by popping open the bonnet and looking at the min/max lines.

Check your battery

Your battery is at the heart of your van. Its condition can make the difference between a successful journey and a false start. Don’t get caught out and have your battery health checked.

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