Is Your Car Ready for the Autumn and Winter?

Autumn and winter are hard on your car. Let’s take a look at how to spruce up your car and make sure it’s there when you need it.

Is Your Car Ready for the Autumn and Winter?

Here are some Autumn and Winter car maintenance tips.


We’ll start with the most obvious one: do you know when your MOT expires? You cannot drive your car without a valid MOT, so don’t get caught out and risk being unable to find an appointment when you need it. We recommend booking your MOT well in advance.


A regular service Autumn and Winter keeps your car running at its best and reduces the risk of it breaking down.

  • Full Service – every 12 months or every 12,000 miles
  • Major Service – every 24 months or every 24,000 miles
  • Interim Service – every 6 months or whenever you exceed 2,000 miles in a month


Worn or damaged tyres are dangerous to drive on, so you must check their condition regularly – particularly in autumn and winter when grip and stability are even more important.

Keep an eye out for any embedded objects in your tyres that could cause a puncture. The tread depth in the middle third of the tyre must be within the legal limit (1.6mm) and the pressure should match that listed in your car’s handbook. A depth gauge and pressure gauge will help you here.

Tread depth significantly impacts your stopping distance. Once the tyres reach the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, stopping distances dramatically increase, particularly in the wet. Consider investing in all-season tyres.

If you find yourself needing new tyres, Car Clinic MOT Centre is here to help.

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