Is Your Car Ready for Autumn?

Is Your Car Ready for Autumn

With the summer coming to a close and kids back at school, your thoughts will be beginning to turn towards the rest of the year. Whatever the changing seasons may hold, having a car you can rely upon will take a weight off your mind. So is your car ready for autumn?

Is Your Car Ready for Autumn?

Here are some ideas to spruce up your car and ensure it will be there when you need it this winter.


This is the most obvious one: do you know when your MOT expires? You can’t be able to drive your car without an MOT, so we recommend booking an MOT well in advance. It’s incredibly busy at the moment, with bookings from drivers whose cars fell under the government’s MOT grace period during the lockdown.


Regular servicing keeps your car running smoothly and reduces the risk of it breaking down when you need it most. A service is recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles.


Worn or damaged tyres are dangerous to drive on, so it’s important to check their condition regularly – particularly when you expect wet and icy roads. Keep an eye out for glass, nails or screws embedded in your tyres as they could cause a puncture. The tread depth must be within legal limits (1.6mm) and don’t forget the pressures. A tyre depth gauge and a tyre pressure gauge will help here.

Batteries, bulbs and wiper blades

These consumable items power your car, light your way and keep your vision clear – and if one fails, you’re in trouble. You can avoid the risk by ensuring they are in good condition, and replacing them if they aren’t.

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