Is It Time To Get Your Air Con Recharged?

It looks like Summer is finally here. Many vehicles are now fitted with air conditioning as standard so journeys on warm days are a lot more bearable. If you find yourself winding down the window to cool the cabin, maybe it’s time to get your air con recharged.

Is it Time to get your Air Con Recharged?      

Here are our some reasons to get your air con recharged:

Cool air and comfort

Many drivers turned on their air con for the first time while this month to find it isn’t working right. Hopefully, we have a few more months of sun so don’t leave it till you really need it, get your air con regassed now.

Air conditioning is not a part of your MOT or Service

The MOT does not cover air con system as it is not critical to safety. You can opt for an air conditioning recharge at your annual service, but it will be an extra cost.

Air con is only effective for two years

Air con systems need refrigerant (gas) to work effectively but 10% of the gas permeates through the system every year. Over time, you feel the effects of this loss as your air conditioning does not blow as cold as it used to. We recommend recharging the air con system at least every two years.

Air Con regassing increases fuel efficiency

When your refrigerant is low your air conditioning will blow warmer air in the cabin. As it works harder it puts greater strain on your engine – and your car will uses more fuel.

Use it all year round

Air conditioning is not just for hot days. Your air con can rapidly demist your windscreen in winter by producing dry air. Keeping the air con on in winter prevents the system from drying out.

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