Is It Safe To Drive My Car During the COVID 19 Outbreak?

Should you go out in your vehicle during the coronavirus COVID 19 outbreak? Our guide tells you the facts.

Is it Safe to Drive my Car During the COVID 19 Outbreak?

With the UK on lock-down due to the coronavirus outbreak, the majority of us have been told to stay at home. You must only travel when it is absolutely necessary. If you need to go out to buy food or medicine or to help a relative in a vulnerable group, using a  car is safer than public transport because you will not come into contact with other people on your journey.

If you are not able to have your food or medicine delivered, and you are not suffering from any COVID 19 symptoms, then using your car for these essential trips is the right thing to do.

Before you get into the car, wash your hands thoroughly. If your car is shared with other family members you should wipe down door handles, the steering wheel, gear knob and all the controls, including the touchscreen, with a disinfectant-soaked cloth, or disinfectant wipes.

Remember when you get out of the car to avoid touching surfaces and keep a two-metre gap between other people.

Whilst it may be very tempting to go out for a drive to take advantage of the empty roads, to travel to a more scenic place for your daily exercise, or relieve the boredom of self-isolation, this is not allowed until the restrictions are lifted.

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