Is Driving Slow As Dangerous as Speeding?

We all know driving too fast is extremely dangerous – but what about going too slowly?

Is Driving Slow As Dangerous as Speeding?

A recent study has suggested that driving too slowly might be as risky as speeding.

How driving too slowly causes issues

Driving too slowly causes a hazard to those who are following the speed limit and may cause road rage in other drivers. This can lead to them taking risks and making reckless decisions. Faster cars need to apply their brakes sharply which creates a domino effect and increases traffic and the risk of a crash. A slow driver might cause HGVs and larger vehicles to use the faster lanes on dual carriageways or a motorway, creating further congestion as they overtake.

Hogging the middle lane on a motorway when the inner-lane is free can cost you a £100 on the spot fine and three points on your driving licence. Despite this, a third of drivers admit to doing this on a regular basis.

Why do people drive too slowly?

There are some valis reasons why people might drive slowly. They might not be as confident on the road or have bad eyesight, poor reactions or even anxiety. Some drivers may break the law by using their phone.

How slow can you go?

There isn’t a minimum speed limit in place in the UK except on certain stretches of road. You can recognise minimum speed limits as a round blue sign with white numerals. For most roads, there is not guidance but driving too slowly or braking for no reason can be deemed as ‘inconsiderate driving’.

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