Interim & Full Service Ellesmere Port

Regular servicing is essential to extend the lifespan of your vehicle, to keep it roadworthy, and to ensure that potential faults are identified early – before they start to become serious problems. We have a range of interim and full service Ellesmere Port packages designed to meet the needs of Ellesmere Port drivers.

Interim & Full Service Ellesmere Port

With Car Clinic MOT Centre, your vehicle will be in safe hands. Our service and maintenance technicians are qualified to carry out vehicle servicing on all makes and models of car. We use high-tech electronic diagnostic equipment, and our replacement parts are all original manufacturer (OEM) standard and have a 12-month guarantee.

Ellesmere Port Interim Service

We recommend an Interim Service every 6,000 miles or 6 months (whichever comes first). An interim service keeps your car safe and roadworthy between your full services.

Our Interim Service is ideal for those who use their vehicle for short journeys around town or for those high-mileage drivers who want some peace of mind between their annual services. The interim service includes checks on lights, instruments and fluid levels, plus a full inspection of your tyres and suspension. We also visually inspect your brakes.

Full Service Ellesmere Port

Our Full Service is the complete annual maintenance check for your car. We recommend that you have a Full Service every 12months or after 12,000 – whichever comes first.

An annual Full Service will reduce the risk of your car breaking down and helps to maintain the value of the vehicle. The Full Service includes all of the items in the Interim Service plus a full inspection of your engine and brakes. A full car service also includes replacement of the fuel filter in diesel vehicles, the air filter and other checks under the bonnet, brakes, fuel and radiator, hoses and pipes, power steering fluid and adjustments to auxiliary drive belts, if required.

Car Clinic MOT Centre

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