How To Maintain Your Tyres

Your cars tyres are the main point of contact between your vehicle and the road, keeping you safe as you drive. Looking after your tyres properly extends their lifespan and makes your journeys smoother. Read our article on how to maintain your tyres…

How to Maintain your Tyres

Here is our guide on how to maintain your car tyres.

How to keep your car tyres legal and safe

There are several precautions that will keep your tyres legal and safe. The first is to have a tyre check at our Ellesmere Port garage. One of our technicians will inspect your tyres pressures and tread depth of your tyres, and tell you about any issues.

The second tip is to get the products you need to keep your tyres up to scratch. A tyre gauge and pressure gauge allow you to check the pressure and tread depth of your tyres easily. You can pick up pocket-sized models that fit into your glove box, with easy-to-read displays.

If your gauge indicates a tyre doesn’t have enough air, this can be easily fixed with an inflator. You can get rapid tyre inflators that connect to the mains or your car battery or rely on an old-fashioned foot pump.

How to maintain your tyres and wheels

It is vital to keep your wheels clean. There are loads of products on the market that will leave your wheels sparkling.

Give your tyres a perfect finish with Tyre Dressing. It will leave your tyres with a long-lasting shine and make it easier to spot signs of damage.

If you do not have alloy wheels, why not treat yourself to new wheel trims?

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