How to Look After Your Tyres In The Winter

Driving in winter can be challenging. Wet or icy roads mean our tyres need more care and focus to remain in a roadworthy condition. Read our article in full on how to look after your tyres in the winter…

How to Look After Your Tyres in the Winter

The first question is: do you have the right tyres for the job? Your tyres are the single point of contact between your vehicle and the road. They’re vital for turning, accelerating and braking, as well as a smooth ride. Despite this, most British motorists drive all winter on tyres that are unsuitable for the conditions.

There are three types of tyres, each of which has different strengths:

  • Summer tyres –Most drivers in the UK use these, even in winter. The tyre performs well in the wet and dry, but performance drops when the temperature plummets.
  • Winter tyres – these are extreme weather tyres, suitable for icy and snowy conditions. They’re not appropriate for the summer months.
  • All-season tyres – Designed to perform well in both summer and winter conditions. Unlike the other two types of tyres, all season tyres can be used year-round and will not need to be changed when the weather changes. If you are looking for a tyre that is suitable for all weathers, choose an all-season tyre.

For most drivers, all-season tyres are usually the best choice as British winters are relatively mild.

Change all four tyres at once

Maintaining your car can be expensive. Only changing two tyres is an obvious cost-cutting measure. Or is it? If you drive a four-wheel drive vehicle, it’s best to change all four at once to avoid issues with the drive system. For two-wheel drive vehicles, most manufacturers advise changing tyres in axle pairs.

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