How To Look After Your Car During Isolation

Keeping your car’s battery healthy, your tyres inflated and thoroughly cleaning it might make a real difference when the Covid-19 isolation measures are lifted.

How To Look After Your Car During Isolation

Here is some advice on maintaining your car during the isolation lockdown.

Try to avoid a flat battery

Using a trickle charger is the most easiest way to do this. It prevents energy-sapping components like immobilisers from draining the battery. Such devices can be impractical if your car is parked on the road as you would need to drape cables across the pavement, which is a hazard to pedestrians. If you have more than one car you could alternate between them for essential trips. Be mindful that short journeys will flatten the battery quicker.

Take care of your tyres

You should to inflate your tyres to the maximum recommended pressure, as they lose air over time, even when they’re not turning. Tyres left stationary for a long time develop flat spots. Carefully roll the car every so often to prevent this.

Clean your Car

Cleaning the car when using it less frequently helps to keep it looking good and can prevent problems later. Waxing can stop tree sap and bird droppings from damaging the paintwork, but clean the car well before applying it.

Make sure you have spare bulbs

It is a good idea to keep some spare bulbs in the car. As shops are closed you might struggle to get the bulbs for your car so pick up spares when you have the chance. Although the coronavirus outbreak led to an MOT exemption, you can be prosecuted if your car is unsafe, which includes the lack of properly working lights.

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