How To Drive Through A Flooded Road

Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis led to some flooding last month. Do you know how to drive your car safely on a flooded road?

How To Drive Through A Flooded Road

According to the AA, a third deaths linked to floods occur in vehicles. Just an egg-cupful of water in your engine could wreck it and cost you thousands of pounds. Here are our driving tips to stay safe on flooded roads.

Drive slowly

Reducing your speed while going through a flooded road is paramount, as the tyres are more likely to lose their grip on a water-covered road. This can cause a loss of steering control (called aquaplaning). If you feel that this is happening, reduce your speed and hold the steering wheel lightly until you feel your tyres regaining grip.

Before you set off, test the depth of water. Don’t drive through flooded with water deeper than 10cm and don’t stop in it unless unavoidable.

Don’t splash

This may come as a surprise to some, but splashing cyclists and pedestrians can lead to points on your licences or a fine. Avoid big puddles, and reduce your speed.

Test your brakes

As soon as you leave a flood, test your brakes when it’s safe to do so. This dries them out and keeps them working.

Stay in the car

If your car breaks down, pull over and stay inside it unless you break down on the hard shoulder of a motorway. In that case, put on the hazard lights and find a safe place to stop. Don’t look under the bonnet: exposing the engine to water can ruin it.

Use lights appropriately

If visibility is less than 100 metres, turn the headlights on. You can also use the fog lights if you’re struggling to see. It’s important to turn off your fog lights as soon as visibility improves, so as not to dazzle oncoming drivers.

Don’t stop moving

It’s important to drive responsibly in a flood, but keeping your vehicle moving is one of the most important tips. Bringing the vehicle to a stop in deep water can allow the liquid to enter the exhaust pipe and cause damage. If you do stop, keep the engine revs up to prevent the engine from seizing.

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