How To Clean Your Car Interior to Avoid Spreading COVID-19

As COVID-19 infects people across the world, it’s vital to all play our part in reducing the spread. For drivers this as well as limiting travel to essential journeys, we should thoroughly clean the inside of our cars. This guide to avoiding spreading Covid-19 tells you where the worst areas could be, what supplies you need, and how to properly clean the interior.

How To Clean Your Car Interior to Avoid Spreading COVID-19

Ideally, wait 72 hours after using your vehicle to allow for any traces of coronavirus to dissipate.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

The government recommends personal protective equipment when cleaning. You should wear at least:

  • disposable gloves
  • a disposable apron

And you should consider:

  • goggles
  • a face mask that covers your nose and mouth

What you’ll need to disinfect your car

All you need for a decent clean is:

  • bleach-free household cleaner
  • bin liners

Cleaning your car

Once you’ve got the protective clothing on, give all the door handles a good wipe down. Of all the parts in your car, the steering wheel is probably the most touched. Use disinfectant around the wheel, especially in areas where fingers.  Don’t forget to wipe the controls on and near the steering wheel. You’ll need to clean the full length of the indicator, headlight and windscreen wiper control stalks. You’ll also need to clean your keys, as these are often touched. If your car has a button to start, give it a wipe.

We come into contact with the dashboard when using the radio or infotainment system. Heating controls are also touched often and so you should pay attention to all knobs and buttons. Don’t forget your air vents.  Your gear stick is among the most touched areas of your car – so make sure you scrub it thoroughly.

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