How To Check Caravan and Motorhome Tyre Ageing?

Preparing your caravan or motorhome for a long journey is a very important step to ensure your enjoyment and safety. What could possibly be worse than carefully planning every last detail of your touring holiday – only then to have to spend hours on the roadside waiting for assistance because of a tyre failure? So how do you check caravan and motorhome tyre ageing?

Caravan and Motorhome Tyre Ageing

Regardless of the amount of mileage, all tyres have a limited lifespan. Even a caravan tyre that is rarely used will deteriorate over time. Natural ageing occurs in tyres from day one. It is recommended that your caravan tyres are replaced after five years. To help you ascertain the age, new tyres have a date mark on them that shows the week and month of manufacture. It is not easy to determine how long the tyre has been fitted to the caravan. As a rule, if you are in doubt as to the age of a tyre, change it.

Checking Your Caravan Tyres

You can check the age of a caravan tyre yourself. The information you need is on the sidewall, denoted by four numbers in a window. The first two digits denote the week of manufacture, the second two are the year. If your only have a 3-digit number, they were manufactured before 2000 and must be replaced asap.

Motorhome Tyres

Motorhome tyres are specifically designed for recreational vehicles and campers. Unlike conventional tyres, motorhome tyres carry heavier loads. This higher capacity is due to strengthened tyre sidewalls which are more durable and hardwearing than the average car tyre. Van tyres can be used on motorhomes and campers too, but make sure the tyre has a suitable load index to take into account the greater vehicle weight.

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