How often do I need to have my car serviced?

Here at the Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port we often get asked how often do I need to have my car serviced? Most modern cars of today will usually have a service light on the display panel, which will come on when a service is due.

Car Servicing Ellesmere Port

The service light becoming illuminated will use pre-determined factors programmed into an onboard computer, which includes the mileage and number of times the ignition key is turned. If your car doesn’t have a service light, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation which can be found in the handbook. This will usually advise a service at approximately 9000 miles, or each year, whichever comes sooner. Even if you have a low mileage car, a regular service is essential to ensure safety and maintain the car’s performance and reliability.

Ellesmere Port Interim Service – (6-month vehicle service)

This Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port 6-month service is designed for the high mileage car user, or where the manufacturer recommends more frequent checks between annual services. This service includes an oil and filter change, as well as brake, steering and suspension checks (by removing the wheels).

Ellesmere Port Full Service – (12-month vehicle service)

This Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port full service is a fully comprehensive annual maintenance service for trouble free motoring. It exceeds most manufacturers’ recommended service schedules and includes various checks and adjustments including a top up of brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant. Only high-quality parts are used and we check and inform you of any wear and tear items that may need attention to give you peace of mind.

If you have any other questions about having your car serviced or would like a free Ellesmere Port car repairs quote or Ellesmere Port Car Servicing quote just give us a call or pop in.