How Do Brakes Work?

Today’s braking systems in vehicles involve a huge number of different components working closely together to make sure that you can stop and manoeuvre your vehicle whilst maintaining control. The key components within your vehicle’s braking system include the master cylinder, a servo, brake callipers for each wheel, brake fluid and also cylinders, discs, pads, drums and shoes. All of these components are linked together by a series of hoses and pipes. Read our article in full to find out how brakes work…

How Do Brakes Work?

The main foot brake pedal is connected to a master cylinder which is located in the engine compartment of the vehicle. This cylinder is filled up with special brake fluid. As you push your foot down on the brake pedal, it creates hydraulic pressure within the master cylinder, and the brake fluid is then pressurised along the brake pipes and hoses into the pistons located within each wheel’s hub assembly. This forces the friction material that the pads or shoes are made of onto the rotating parts of the wheel, and that is what stops the vehicle. There are two main types of brake assembly in common use – disc brakes and drum brakes. Additionally, the majority of modern cars are now fitted with an ABS system as standard.

Disc Brakes

Disc brake systems comprise of a disc, a calliper and pads. When the brake is applied, fluid squeezes friction material against the rotating disc. This friction which makes the vehicle slow down or stop.

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes consist of hydraulic wheel cylinders, shoes and a drum. When the brake is applied the two brake shoes are forced against the surface of the brake drum. The friction slows down or stops the vehicle.

ABS and Parking Brakes

The anti-lock braking (ABS) works by applying and releasing pressure to wheels that decelerate too quickly. This stops brakes from locking-up.

The parking brake is a lever that holds the vehicle in a parked position by activating the rear of the braking system.

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