Hot Weather Driving Tips

Nothing beats a staycation. Once the car is packed and the playlist is planned, you are ready to hit the road! But first, have you made a plan for warmer weather? Read our Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere hot weather driving tips to find out more…

Hot Weather Driving Tips

Here are some tips for keeping your car (and yourselves) in good condition during those long, summer drives.

Arrive fresh

We all love a road trip, but it can quickly get stuffy on a hot day – so you will really appreciate your air con! On average, air-cons lose a tenth of their refrigerant every year. So, if your air-con is to keep you fresh on your staycation, you will need to have it serviced.

Traffic essentials

It wouldn’t be a British holiday if you didn’t get stuck in traffic at some point. To be ready for this, make sure to stock up on bottles of water and snacks. If the traffic’s really bad, and need to cut the engine, you will lose your air-con – so pack a small battery fan.

Chill Out

Water will take care of hydration during your journey. But to store it and keep it cool, a coolbox will come in handy.

Is your car ready?

Your car is more likely to overheat in hot weather so ensure your car is topped up with coolant. Engine coolant, or antifreeze, circulates around the engine, dissipating its heat. Without it, your engine would overheat, causing extensive damage.

Don’t forget the other important checks: oil and screenwash levels plus all the tyres – including the spare if you have one. Check your tyres for bulges or signs of damage. They should be inflated to the correct pressure and their tread depth must be at least 1.6mm.

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