Hot Weather Driving Essentials

We all love getting outdoors when it’s hot and sunny. If you’re planning a road trip here are some hot weather essentials to definitely bear in mind.

Hot Weather Driving Essentials

1. Air conditioning

A hot car can feel like an oven. Make sure your air conditioning is running icy cool before you set off on your journey! An Air Con Check is a great starting point. A technician will check the aircon pressure to ensure there are no leaks and also check if a refrigerant top-up is needed.

2. Coolant and screenwash

It will not help to keep you cool on a hot summer day, but your car’s coolant protects your engine against overheating so we recommend checking that it’s topped up before you set off on a long journey.

As for screen wash, you hopefully won’t have much rain to deal with but in the hear dust, tar, dirt and bugs soon build up a layer of grime and they are even worse to deal with when your screen is dry. Ensure you have got plenty of fluid in your screen wash reservoir.

3. Sunshades

Make life better for those smaller back seat passengers by adorning their windows with sunshades. They fit neatly over most car doors and can be fitted or removed in seconds. Choose some that allow your passengers to open the windows it will also act as a bug shield.

4. Sunglasses

Driving in bright sunlight is a bit of a challenge but you can make things easier with a quality pair of sunglasses. For the ultimate protection, find a pair that has 100% UV protection and polarised lenses. CE marks assure you they meet European safety standards.

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