Happy New Year

The New Year can be a terribly tricky time to drive: From fog to black ice, the winter in the UK presents motorists with many challenges.

Safety Tips All Drivers Should Know This New Year

When the temperature is low, you often need to de-ice your car first thing in the morning. When you do, don’t just clear the windscreen and windows. Snow on the roof of your vehicle must be swept off, or it will fall onto your windscreen when you’re driving, blocking your view.

To prevent skidding, tyres need good grip. Although the minimum legal tread depth for your tyres is 1.6mm, most experts recommend having at least 3mm – especially in the winter. You may want to consider fitting winter tyres for better grip.

If it’s icy, take it slow and leave plenty of space behind the vehicle in front. Stopping distances will be up to ten times greater in ice, so avoid any sudden manoeuvres. On downhill slopes, reduce your speed and stay in a lower gear.

Avoid braking – If you need to slow down, use engine braking, going through the gears and apply the brakes gently so following drivers see your brake lights. If you skid, steer gently, so your front wheels point in the direction you want to go. If the back of your vehicle slides left, you steer left – and vice versa.

Stick to major roads: they are more likely to be gritted. Keep a look out for black ice. If the temperature is around zero and the road surface looks wet, drive with care. It might be ice and not water.

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