Guide To Motorway Breakdowns

Guide To Motorway Breakdowns

New statistics have come out that show that almost three-quarters of all drivers find all-lane running motorways to be more dangerous than conventional roads with a hard shoulder, how can you avoid adding to the motorway breakdowns statistics? Read our guide to motorway breakdowns here…

Motorway Breakdowns

More and more roads have now become all-lane running (ALR) smart motorways, which are different from conventional motorways as they do not have a hard shoulder. From 2020, all new ALR smart motorway schemes will be required to have emergency refuge areas (ERAs) no more than a mile apart. But that could still be problematic if you break down on the motorway as a mile is a long way in a stationary car! Highways England says that over two dozen vehicles per day break down in the live lanes of ALR motorways. Of those breakdowns, almost two in five have been forced to stop in lanes containing moving traffic.  Breaking down in a live lane of a motorway in off-peak hours is more than twice as more dangerous as breaking down on a conventional motorway that has a hard shoulder to pull into.

This all shows just how important it is to take steps to avoid motorway breakdowns. Most car breakdowns are actually avoidable –if you ensure your car service schedule is up to date and you comply with any recommended work, then your chance of being involved in a breakdown is significantly reduced. A lot of breakdowns are simply due to wear and tear on common components which are checked or replaced as a matter of course in the annual service. So, don’t put off your service, or think you are saving money by skipping it!

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