Getting To Know Your Clutch

Getting To Know Your Clutch

The clutch on your vehicle is considered to be a “wear and tear” component. What does it do? How does it work? Read our Getting To Know Your Clutch article to find out more…

Getting To Know Your Clutch – What is the clutch for?

The clutch in a vehicle transmits the rotational power of the engine to the wheels. Simply, the clutch acts like a brake for the engine. It slows it down so the wheels can catch up with it.

Getting To Know Your Clutch – How does the clutch work?

The clutch is basically two plates in the engine. When the pedal down is pressed down, the plates move apart, separating the engine from the wheels so you can change gear. The engine can continue to turn at any speed. You press the clutch when you stop because the wheels aren’t moving and you want the engine to continue to run.

When you are bringing the pedal back up, it re-engages the plates, which connects the engine back to the wheels so that they can move.

Getting To Know Your Clutch – Why does it wear?

Because the spinning plates touch, they wear over time as the car is used, and the clutch wear rate depends on the way the car is driven.

Getting To Know Your Clutch – What causes the clutch to wear more quickly?

Resting your foot on the clutch pedal after you have changed gear (“riding the clutch”). This causes the clutch plates to touch, but not completely, so friction wears the clutch.

Keeping the clutch pedal down when stopped at traffic lights. Putting the clutch down puts a strain on it. The car should be left in neutral and the handbrake applied.

Leaving the car in gear when parked – this puts extra strain on the clutch, so engaging neutral and using the handbrake is better unless you are on a hill.

Getting To Know Your Clutch – What are the signs of a worn out clutch?

  • Difficulty going up and down through the gears
  • A rattling or grinding sound when you change gear
  • Engine revs climb or fall
  • The clutch ‘slips’

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