Getting To Know Wheel Alignment Terms

Getting To Know Wheel Alignment Terms

Ensuring that your vehicles wheels are correctly aligned is one of the essential car maintenance checks that is done at the annual vehicle service. Vehicle wheels can become misaligned if you have hit a pothole or kerb, or afterwear on your suspension or steering components. There may be some terminology mentioned to let you know why your vehicle is not steering correctly but do you know what those common wheel alignment terms mean? Read our getting to know wheel alignment terms article to find out more…

Getting To Know Wheel Alignment Terms

If your car happens to be pulling to the side or you feel strong vibrations through the steering wheel, it could mean your wheel alignment is out. Uneven tyre wear is another symptom.

How does wheel alignment work?

All four wheels are aligned together with high-definition sensors that measure the angle and position of each wheel. A computer analyses the angles and compares them to data from the manufacturer. 

What do the wheel alignment terms mean?

Some wheel alignment terms you might hear are:

“Camber” – the inward tilt or outward tilt of the wheel measured in degrees from vertical. 

“Positive camber” – when the wheels tilt out at the top. Too much results in extra wear on the outside of the tyres and might damage suspension components. 

“Negative camber” – the top of the wheel tilts inwards. Too much results in premature wear on the inside of the tyre. 

“Toe” – this is whether the fronts of the tyres are closer together or further apart than the rears. The idea is to make the wheels roll in parallel. Positive toe means the wheels are slightly turned in; negative is if the wheels are turned out. The actual amount is only a fraction of a degree. 

What does the wheel alignment print out mean?

After your wheel alignment, you should receive a printed report showing the measurements and changes. All the boxes should be green, meaning the angles meet the manufacturer’s specification.

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