Get Your Van Ready for Winter

You don’t want your van not to start on a cold morning. You don’t want worn tyres to skid across the ice. You don’t want a breakdown because you put off booking a service. What’s the answer? Get your van ready for winter with Car Clinic MOT Centre!

Get Your Van Ready for Winter

Your annual MOT and a van service go hand-in-hand. The MOT is a legal requirement every year for vans over 3 years old, and a regular service is essential to keep your van in a reliable and roadworthy condition. It is vital to check and replace common parts that wear over time – this reduces the risk of your van breaking down.

Booking the two separately means having to remember two sets of dates, making multiple journeys on different days and often paying a premium, especially if your MOT failure is down to a problem that the service would have fixed. Drop into your local Ellesmere Port garage or give us a call to set up an appointment and get your van prepared for the conditions to come.

Bulbs and wiper blades

It’s easy for drivers to overlook bulbs and wiper blades until they fail while you’re driving home on a dark, rainy night. To avoid being caught out, call Car Clinic MOT Centre and have them checked and replaced if necessary.

Winter van checks

If you want some peace of mind that your van is ready for the winter roads, call us for one of our Ellesmere Port winter van checks. Our experienced van technicians will be pleased to check out your van’s headlights, brake lights, wiper blades, battery health, windscreen condition and also advise you of your MOT due date. We can also check your van’s tyre tread depth, tyre pressures and oil, screen wash and coolant levels.

Car Clinic MOT Centre – Garage Ellesmere Port

For independent van vane advice, MOTs and van servicing, call Car Clinic MOT Centre – we’re your local independent Ellesmere Port garage for Class 7 MOT Test, Ellesmere Port van servicing, Ellesmere Port van repairs, Ellesmere Port van wheel alignment and new tyres Ellesmere Port. Call us now on 0151 339 0101 for a free quote.