Get Your Air Con Regassed Now

At Car Clinic MOT Centre car garage Ellesmere Port, we offer an affordable servicing and air conditioning re-gas service from fully-trained technicians. The air conditioning in a car loses between 10 to 15% of its efficiency every year, so pop in for a free air-conditioning check and get your air con regassed now before the hottest days of summer.

Get Your Air Con Regassed Now

We recommend that you get your air conditioning system re-gassed at least every two years to keep it running efficiently. This is not included as part of your annual car service, so it can often get overlooked. If your car is more than 2 years old, then it more than likely is due for an A/C recharge. Our air conditioning re-gas service will ensure that the air-conditioning system is working efficiently, and also remove unpleasant smells from within the cabin.

Cheap Air Con Re-Gas

We have recently installed a new air-con machine and can refill your air conditioning with both the types of gas:

We believe we are the cheapest Ellesmere Port garage for A/C servicing with our pricing structure where you only pay a charge of £35.00 plus vat for the aircon service (this includes new pag oil and dye)  and then the cost of however much gas is used.

  • 5 pence per gram of R134a gas
  • 10 pence per gram of R1234yf gas

You will only pay for the amount of gas your vehicle needs – our air con refill machines are fully automated and give a print out to show how many grams of gas was used – this is the best value for money as you will only be charged for what you need!

The average car holds about 500 grams of refrigerant gas in its a/c System. Nine out of 10 vehicles only need a little extra refrigerant.

Car Clinic Ellesmere Port A/C Regas

To book your car in for an Ellesmere Port air conditioning re-gas, or for more information about our Ellesmere Port tyres, Ellesmere Port MOTs and Ellesmere Port car repairs, call us on 0151 339 0101.