Fitting Tyres Ellesmere Port Is A Professional Job!

Fitting Tyres Ellesmere Port Is A Professional Job!

You may think that fitting car tyres looks easy, but there is a lot to take into account. Find out why tyre fitting is a job for professionals in our Fitting Tyres Ellesmere Port guide.

Fitting Tyres Ellesmere Port Is A Job For Professionals

Fitting tyres is a delicate operation that involves assembling a unit comprising of a wheel, tyre and valve, and then inflating it. But there is more to it, such as wheel alignment and balancing that you cannot undertake without specialist equipment and training.

Wheel Alignment

If your vehicle’s suspension geometry is not set correctly than handling – and safety – will be compromised. Hitting a solid object such as a kerb or pothole can easily knock a wheel out of alignment. If you have noticed your vehicle pulling to one side, or uneven tyre wear, then get a professional from Car Clinic MOT Centre to check it out.

Wheel Balance

A well-balanced tyre has an even distribution of weight as it rotates, so it will not vibrate. Small weights are used to balance the wheel, and only specialists have the equipment to do this. We have all pushed a shopping trolley with a wobbly wheel, and this is what is happening to your car if the wheels are unbalanced!

Airtight Seal

The wheel rim forms a seal with the tyre so it must not be rusted or distorted. The tyre beads must be carefully placed on the rim to form a seal, and the valve and cap may need to be renewed to stop air from leaking out.


If you have a puncture, however small, it needs expert attention so make sure the inner casing has not been damaged. Never drive further than the nearest tyre centre after a temporary puncture repair.

If you have a puncture:

  • Stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so
  • Apply the handbrake
  • Switch off the engine and put the car in hear
  • Switch on your hazard warning lights

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