Faulty TPMS Results In MOT Failure!

All new vehicles manufactured since 2014 are now fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) as standard. But did you know a faulty TPMS will make your car fail its MOT?

Faulty TPMS Results In MOT Failure!                       

TPMS works by a sensor valve in each tyre monitoring tyre pressure and reporting low pressure or a tyre pressure imbalance to the driver via a dashboard display. Sensors in the vehicle show a warning light if there is a drop in tyre pressure of between 6-7PSI. They are now a legal requirement although some manufacturers will set the warning light to come on when the sensors detect smaller decreases than this.

Your TPMS sensors should be serviced regularly to avoid them developing a fault. One of the most common TPMS sensor issues is battery failure. The more miles your car has travelled, the quicker these batteries deplete. TPMS sensor stems also become corroded over time as they are open to the elements.

A faulty TPMS sensor will now likely result in an immediate MOT failure. As of 1st of January 2015, any car that is manufactured from 2012 or alter that is displaying a TPMS warning light on its dashboard will automatically fail its MOT.

Should you need to replace a TPMS sensor, at Car Clinic MOT Centre we can supply a cost-effective replacement that clones your existing settings for much less than the price a dealership replacement would cost. We can also check and service your existing TPMS sensors to make sure they continue to work correctly.

If in doubt, err on the side of caution and bring your car to our Ellesmere Port Garage for a tyre check. It is worth it for peace of mind.

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