Falling Asleep While Driving

Over 4 million British drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel, worrying research suggests. A survey of 1,000 motorists saw one-in-10 admitting to having been so tired they temporarily closed their eyes while driving.

Falling Asleep While Driving

Over half of the people who responded to the survey said that they were very concerned about fatigue while driving over long distances. One in ten of the survey’s respondents said that they had hit a rumble strip while driving tired, and 4-in-10 had to turn down the car’s heating or open a window to remain awake. Around a quarter of drivers made the sensible decision to pull over for a rest when they feel tired behind the wheel.

The company conducting the survey which administers advanced driving tests warned that there could be devastating consequences if a driver falls asleep behind the wheel, pointing out that a car travelling at 70mph covers 100 feet per second. The organisation urged motorists on long journeys to plan a route in advance, marking out places to stop for a coffee and a rest along the way. Planning ahead is crucial during the pandemic, as some facilities that would normally be open are closed due to Coronavirus.

The key piece of advice is to drive for no longer than two hours without taking a break and making sure to take extra care whenever you are driving at a time of night when you would ordinarily be asleep. Such measures will allow drivers to concentrate on remaining alert behind the wheel and not staving off tiredness by attempting to reach their destination without taking an appropriate number of rest breaks.

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