Exide Car Battery Ellesmere Port

The battery in your van, car or motorhome is important. It is there to start the vehicle, and on a cold morning ion winter, you will notice if your battery is getting flat! The battery is recharged as you drive along by the alternator, but eventually, the battery will lose capacity – just like a phone battery – and if your car doesn’t start any more you are going to need a replacement. Car Clinic MOT Centre is the best place to get Exide car batteries replaced in Ellesmere Port. We stock several different brands, so don’t put it off: have your battery replaced before it becomes too late!

Exide Car Battery

Exide offers the next generation of car batteries with major improvements in efficiency and performance. Many of the ideas found in their new range were first developed in their original equipment business, where they design the batteries used by leading car manufacturers.

Exide – A new Generation of car Battery

The pioneering new Exide range of batteries includes the latest Start-Stop batteries, Exide Premium which has a unique Carbon Boost technology and other advanced components such as its proven 3DX grid. The battery is designed to support the functions of modern cars and assist with fuel-saving.

Exide car Battery Ellesmere Port

Exide Start-Stop Batteries

Exide launched its first Start-Stop AGM battery in 2004. Since then, technology has evolved, with each generation making gains in efficiency and performance. Exide batteries meet the stringent requirements of manufacturers, making them a great aftermarket choice.

Exide Premium Carbon Boost

The Premium Carbon Boost battery recharges 1.5 times faster than a regular battery. It is designed to withstand extremes of temperature and power lots of electrical equipment.

Exide Excell

The Exide Excell is an all-round battery for most vehicles. As with every Exide battery,  it features the robust 3DX grid technology that gives better performance and longer life.

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