Ellesmere Port Winter Safety Ticklist

The winter is a very risky time for vehicle ownership. To make sure that both your car and your family stay safe this winter, here are some simple Winter Safety Ticklist items you should make to prepare for the onset of the cold months. Download our full Winter Safety Ticklist here.

Ellesmere Port Winter Safety Ticklist

There are three types of checks: for your car, for yourself, and of course to ensure you know a reliable and trustworthy Ellesmere Port garage that can put right any problems with your car.

Is my Car Winter Ready?

This part covers the basic checks such as the condition of the brakes, tyres, battery and fluids such as screen wash and anti-freeze. It is easy to ignore these basic checks between your services, but it could massively affect the chances of you breaking down in the freezing weather, so it really is a false economy not to do them. Remember your tyres must have at least 1.6 mm of tread to comply with the law, but you will want significantly more in the winter months for the best performance and safety, perhaps even switching to a set of winter tyres.

Am I Winter Ready?

The next step is to make sure that you have everything you need. It is easy to forget to load your car with basics like sunglasses, shovels, ice scrapers, de-icer and blankets. Not to mention all of the documentation for breakdown cover and emergency recovery.

Where Do I Go For A Winter Car Check?

It is important to find a local and trustworthy garage to do any work on your car. A good garage will offer free of charge written quotations and will always consult with you before carrying out any work on your car.

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