Van Interim Service

If you drive a van for business purposes, breaking down can be a costly inconvenience. Routine van maintenance and servicing are absolutely essential to reduce this risk. By having a van regularly serviced, its lifespan increases, and the potential for breaking down decreases. This is especially important if the van is used on a daily basis for work. Contact us for our Van Interim Service pricing.

Ellesmere Port Van Interim Service

Regular services at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals help us identify potential problems before they become issues that will be expensive to repair and result in a loss of income. The advice for your van’s service schedules is listed in your van’s handbook, but as a rule, most van makers recommend an interim van service every 6,000 miles or six month – whichever is first.

Why Service Your Van?

It is really risky to try to save money by missing out on a service. If your van’s engine oil does not adequately lubricate and protect the moving parts in the van’s engine, then it could completely seize up and cost you thousands of pounds to repair or replace. Our interim van services include the replacement of your engine oil with the right type of oil.

Ellesmere Port Major Van Service at The Car Clinic MOT Centre

We can usually do your annual van major servicing at a cheaper price than the main dealer. Our low prices don’t mean we will compromise on the quality of our work: Your van service from us is carried out by a skilled and trained technician. We can use genuine parts of Original Manufacturer’s (OE) standard if you ask, thus maintaining your van warranty – and all the parts we fit come with a year’s guarantee.

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We can MOT motorcycles, cars, vans, motorhomes & horse boxes etc.

Van Tyres

Call in for a free check on your tyres to ensure they are above the legal limit.

Van Batteries

We can supply new batteries to keep you on the road. Batteries often fail in the colder months.

Van Services / Repairs

We can service all vehicles to manufacturers standards, using genuine parts.