Ellesmere Port TPMS Sensor Service

Ellesmere Port TPMS Sensor Service

A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) continuously monitors your car’s tyre pressures using sensors in all four tyres.  Having TPMS on a vehicle improves safety as the cars system checks the tyre pressure regularly, which cuts your chances of suffering a blow-out. Car Clinic MOT Centre now offers Ellesmere Port drivers the opportunity to reduce the risk of the system failing with an Ellesmere Port TPMS Sensor Service.

Ellesmere Port TPMS Sensor Service

Data shows that a new tyre will leak between 3psi – 8psi per year, which adds up to a 2% increase in fuel consumption and a reduction in the tyre’s life of up to a quarter. EU estimates say that those under-inflated tyres are responsible each year for:

  • 41% of accidents involving injury
  • 9% of accidents involving fatalities
  • 2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • 20 million litres of unnecessary fuel use
  • 200 million prematurely worn tyres

Why do TPMS sensor valves need servicing?

Sensor valves are expensive. Each unit costs up to £150 or more. Sensor valves will often last for many years but wear, tear, corrosion and damage will make them fail early. Our servicing extends the sensor valve’s life by replacing common parts.

Why do TPMS valves need to be replaced?

A sensor valve will usually need replacing after five years or 100,000 miles, though this varies, and because of the sensor’s position, they are also vulnerable to damage & corrosion.

How does your car ‘recognise’ a new TPMS sensor valve?

The ECU stores the unique identity of each TPMS valve. When a TPMS valve is replaced, the identity number is programmed into the ECU. On some cars, this can be done with a diagnostic tool plugged into the Diagnostics system  – others auto-detect them.

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