Ellesmere Port Run Flat Tyres

Have you heard of Ellesmere Port run flat tyres? Your car might even be fitted with them. Tyres are surrounded by technical jargon which can be confusing.

What are Ellesmere Port run flat tyres, and do I have them?

If you open the boot of your car and lift the floor cover-up, If there’s a spare tyre in the cavity (or you have a foam filler type repair kit) then your car does not have runflat tyres. If you see neither, then your car is – or should be – fitted with runflat tyres.

Run-flat tyres have reinforced sidewalls that mean – even after a puncture – you can drive on them at a limited speed for a limited period. They are usually okay for a maximum speed of 50 mph for up to 50 miles. Just far enough to get to a tyre specialist like Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port.

What are the advantages of run-flat tyres?

  • The strengthened sidewall keeps your car under control after a puncture;
  • No riskier roadside wheel changes;
  • More space in the boot and less weight, therefore, improved fuel efficiency.

Run-flat tyres look the same as regular tyres, and many cars are fitted with them as “Original Equipment” (OE). Car makes like Mini, BMW, Mercedes and more now fit run-flat tyres as OE, including run-flats. You might even be driving a car with run-flats without knowing it.

How do runflat tyres work?

The reinforced sidewall on run flats supports your car even after a puncture. It’s this construction that allows you to drive on safely. Run flats are used with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This is the automatic alert that tells you that you have a puncture.

Can I swap runflat tyres to normal tyres?

It may be tempting to try to save money in this way, but it’s not a good idea. Because runflats are often ‘Original Equipment’ there is probably no place to keep a spare tyre. If you switch a runflat to a non-run flat and have a puncture, you have no spare tyre and will be stranded – not to mention breaking the law.

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