Motorhome Wheel Alignment

Motorhome wheel alignment (also called wheel tracking or wheel balancing) is the angle and direction at which your motorhome’s tyres are set. Motorhome wheel alignment can be adjusted, and doing so affects road handling, helps with fuel consumption and increases the life of your motorhome’s tyres. You may need to have your tracking adjusted if your motorhome pulls to one side, or you notice that your motorhome’s tyres are wearing unevenly. Hitting a kerb or potholes can also knock your motorhome wheels out of alignment. Our fully trained Ellesmere Port motorhome wheel alignment technicians can sort out your Ellesmere Port tracking issues. We use the top-class Hunter Elite Tracking System for adjusting the caster, camber, and toe wheel alignment. Contact us today, and we can fix the wheel tracking on your Motorhome. Contact us today to fix the wheel tracking on your motorhome.

Hunter Elite Wheel Alignment

A Hunter wheel alignment service accurately measures up to 14 primary wheel angles and compares them with the original specifications detailed by your car manufacturer. If any differences are found, we can correct these by adjusting your car’s steering and suspension settings, which helps to maximise your fuel efficiency, reduce any uneven tyre wear and improve your driving comfort and safety.

You will receive two documents. The first document shows the alignment settings on your car against manufacturers specifications. If adjustment is needed and agreed, the second document is your proof of the actual setting after adjustment work by our IMI accredited technicians.

For a free Ellesmere Port car repairs, Ellesmere Port wheel alignment or Ellesmere Port wheel balancing quote just give us a call on 0151 339 0101 or pop in.

We can re-adjust your tracking to ensure it is correct, thus prolonging the life of your tyres.

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