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When your car warning lights on the dashboard light up, a car engine diagnostics check is the best way to diagnose the problem before more serious damage happens.

Most modern vehicles contain an on-board computer called an ECU (Engine Control Unit). IT continuously monitors the vehicle’s performance. Sensors around the vehicle report to the ECU when there are problems such as increased temperature. When an issue is found the ECU generates an error code, and a dashboard warning light is displayed.

There are hundreds of error codes, and they can only be read with specialist equipment. Although a warning light may be shown on the dashboard, a diagnostics check will be required to properly understand the extent and the root cause of the problem.

At Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port we use state of the art specialist equipment for vehicle diagnostics. We can read the engine fault codes from your ECU. Our fully-trained technicians can suggest the repairs needed to get you safely back on the road. If a dashboard warning light has appeared in your car, you don’t need to pay main dealer prices for a diagnostics check; you can call into Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port for a lower-cost diagnosis while you wait.

What does car diagnostic equipment check for?

If for example, the Check Engine light is illuminated, it could mean a number of things. A modern engine is made up of hundreds of different parts. The exact fault is not always obvious. Our diagnostic equipment reads off the error codes that are generated by your vehicle’s ECU. The diagnostic test checks for faults across a range of vehicle systems including tyre pressure, emissions, engine management lights and comfort controls (depending on make and model). A live data display shows multiple values from all around the vehicle to ensure that all the components are working together as expected. The specialist equipment we use can also reset your service light, test and adjust electronic handbrake systems and sometimes even adjust headlamp levels.

For a free Ellesmere Port car repairs quote or car engine diagnostics quote just give us a call or pop in.

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