Easy To Fix Car Problems

All cars on UK roads need to have valid insurance, be taxed and be registered with the DVLA by law. They also must be ‘roadworthy’, which includes other requirements you might not be familiar with. You can check for these car problems yourself.

Easy To Fix Car Problems

Here are some legal requirements for your car you might not be aware of.

1. Tyres

All of the tyres – even the spare – should have the correct air pressure and tread depth. The correct air pressure will be in your car’s manual, and a digital tyre-pressure gauge can provide you with accurate readings.

The tread depth has to be over 1.6mm for cars, light vans and light trailers. 

2. Bulbs and wiper blades

All of your light bulbs and wiper blades should be in full working order. Check the lights are clean and nothing is blocking the beams. For wiper blades, check the rubber is in good condition with no breaks, cracks or other damage and that they’re clean. 

3. Fluid

All of your car’s fluids should be topped up, including the screen wash. It’s a legal requirement to have fluid in your screen washer bottle at all times. It doesn’t have to necessarily be screen wash – water is fine – but only screen wash will keep your window squeaky clean.

An engine oil check takes seconds, and could save your engine if it’s too low. If the oil level has dropped, check for leaks on the ground and call an Ellesmere port garage for help if there is a leak. 

4. Mirrors

Both your wing mirrors should have glass. You can easily see if the glass in your wing mirrors is clean and unbroken. 

5. Number plate

Your number plate must be legible. If not, replace it!

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