Easter Motorhome Tyres Advice

Whatever kind of vehicle you have, driving safely is extremely important – and one of the most important factors when it comes to road safety is the tyres. Look after your tyres properly, and you will improve the safety and handling of your motorhome. Read our Easter motorhome tyres advice guide for more information…

Easter Motorhome Tyres Advice

Motorhome Tyres Advice – Fit The Right Tyres

As with all vehicles, it is essential that the right tyres are fitted. It is always advisable to have the same type of tyres on every wheel – and certainly on every axle. Tyre pressures across an axle have to be equal. Tyres on motorhomes are usually a Light Commercial type (“C” or “CP”). CP tyres are designed to cater for a higher load such as that of a motorhome. The original tyre type should not be replaced without consulting the vehicle or tyre maker, as it is likely to have an effect on the driving characteristics of the motorhome. Never replace tyres with a lower load capacity or speed rating.

Motorhome Tyres Advice – Watch Your Speed

Never go over the speed limit in a motorhome. This may seem obvious, but motorhomes have a load distribution different from conventional road vehicles, and unique handling characteristics. Always drive at a speed that is appropriate for the vehicle.

Motorhome Tyres Advice – Don’t Overload

It is always dangerous to overload tyres. A badly distributed load can also cause overloading of one or more of the wheels even when below the maximum permissible load. Spread the load low down and evenly around the vehicle. It is best to ensure the total vehicle weight is well below the specified maximum: a margin of 10% will often be enough to compensate for unequal load distribution.

Motorhome Tyres Advice – Puncture Sealants

Using a pre-puncture sealant is not recommended, but a post-puncture sealant is useful if you can use it to move the vehicle to a safe location for repair. After a puncture, it is important to have BOTH tyres checked as the non-punctured tyre on the other side axle may have been overloaded.

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