Easter Caravan Tyre Safety

Whatever kind of tyres are fitted to your car, caravan or motorhome, it is essential for safety and stability that they are correctly inflated for the load they are carrying. Under-inflated caravan tyres are more likely to suffer from a sudden and rapid deflation – causing you to lose control of your vehicle. Read our Easter caravan tyre safety guide for these holidays.

Caravan Tyre Safety This Easter Holidays

Keeping your tyres correctly inflated makes them wear more evenly, so they last longer. Under-inflated tyres put extra loads on their outer edges, causing the shoulders to wear out more rapidly. Over-inflated tyres wear higher rates in the centre.

The tyres originally fitted to your caravan will have been carefully chosen by the caravan and tyre manufacturers to take into account all aspects of the operation. Stick with the same type wherever possible and consult with an expert at Tyres Ellesmere Port if you are unsure. It is essential that the right kind of tyres are fitted to your caravans. The same construction – radial or cross-ply – should be used on all tyres on the same axle. Tyres on the same axle should also have the same pressure, size, load index and speed rating – and don’t forget your spare.

Older caravans may have older cross-ply tyres. These are no longer available, so radial tyres must be fitted instead. If your caravan is switched from cross-ply to tubeless radial tyres, safety type rims must be used. Many older caravan wheels do not have the right rims, but before fitting tubes with them, consult an expert at Tyres Ellesmere Port.

It is vital that the combined load is sufficient for the caravan’s maximum weight (MTPLM). As an extra safeguard, we suggest that the MTPLM is not allowed to exceed 90% of the tyre’s rated load capacity.

Caravan Tyres from Tyres Ellesmere Port

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