Easter Car Tyres Advice

Cars are easily the most common vehicles on the roads of Britain, so it will come as no surprise that they are involved in the most tyre-related incidents. A few simple pieces of regular maintenance can help you to avoid a large number of such incidents and yourself and other road users safe this Easter. Read our Easter car tyres advice article for more info.

Easter Car Tyres Advice

The depth of your tyres’ tread is important to keep a good grip on wet roads. As your tyre tread wears, your tyres will begin to lose their ability to grip in the wet. A simple ‘20p test’ is the simplest way to check your tread depth. Just place a 20p coin into one of the main tread grooves at three separate points around the tyre. If the coin’s outer band is visible, then the tyres may be unsafe or even illegal and will need to be checked by tyre professionals like Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port.

Equally important is tyre pressure. Keeping tyres inflated at the right pressure makes sure that the car handles properly, reduces your risk of a sudden deflation and helps to keep your car’s fuel consumption at its optimal level. Car manufacturers typically display the correct pressures either in the bottom of the driver’s side door shut or fuel filler cap. If not, check your owner’s manual. There are two separate pressures listed – one for normal use and the other for when the car is fully laden.

You should also use the opportunity to take a look at the tyre’s condition when checking them for pressure and read depth. If there are lumps, bumps or objects sticking in them, you’ll have to get the tyre checked out. If objects such as stones are wedged in the tread, try to remove them if you can safely do so.

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