E10 Petrol Now Available

The fuel pumps in Great Britain are now even greener, following the introduction of E10 petrol as the new standard grade from 1st September 2021.

E10 Petrol Now Available

Over 95% of petrol vehicles on Britain’s roads are already compatible with E10 petrol, with a small number of existing vehicles, such as classic cars and those from the early 2000s, still able to use E5 petrol via the ‘Super Unleaded’ grade. Motorists can use a free online E10 checker to find out if their car is compatible with the new fuel.

E10 petrol is no more expensive than the older standard grade of petrol. Although E10 petrol may marginally affect fuel economy – by around 1% – this is almost unnoticeable to most drivers on everyday journeys.

The new E10 petrol grade is blended with up to 10% ethanol (a renewable energy source made up of materials like grains, sugars and wood). It could cut CO2 emissions due to transport by as much as 750,000 tonnes a year, which is equivalent to taking 350,000 cars off the road.

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Every journey matters and as we drive forward the green revolution, the rollout of E10 is increasingly important. It will help us cut greenhouse gas emissions and meet the ambitious net-zero targets of the government.

“More and more car drivers are switching to electric, but there are still steps to take today that will reduce the emissions of the millions of vehicles already on the UK’s roads – this small switch to E10 petrol is going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as we move towards a greener future.”

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