Drivers Warned that Short Journeys Could Lead to Flat Batteries

If you have left the car unused since lockdown began, you may find it a struggle to start it when you next need it.

Drivers Warned that Short Journeys Could Lead to Flat Batteries

Since the Prime Minister told the public not to leave home except for essential journeys and exercise a lot of car batteries will have gone flat. You can attempt to charge the battery yourself or fit a replacement should you need to make an essential journey.

Despite a recent increase in traffic, Department for Transport (DfT) figures shows that car journeys have dropped by two-thirds since the lockdown. Batteries often discharge due to a combination of chemical reactions and hidden energy-sapping systems such as immobilisers.

Starting the car occasionally is unlikely to help much, as it does not allow time for the battery to fully recharge. In fact, it could end up draining a weaker battery. Your car’s alternator recharges the battery as you drive as well as generating electrical power. It takes time to power up the cells in the battery and short journeys will be insufficient.

You can take precautions before leaving your car parked for an extended period of time. Using a battery trickle charger is the easiest way to make sure your car makes it through the lockdown. These devices keep your car battery from being drained without the need to switch on the engine. Topping up on fuel and having an oil change will also help to maintain the performance of your car when the coronavirus restrictions are eventually lifted.

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