Drivers Caught Speeding on Quieter Roads During Lockdown

Some motorists are taking advantage of the quieter roads by illegally driving at excessive speeds.

Drivers Caught Speeding on Quieter Roads During Lockdown

The police have warned of an emerging danger as the country has fewer cars on the road. They say that opportunist drivers are using the opportunity to put their foot down on the roads and breaking the law by speeding. This erratic behaviour has many safety implications.

Police are urging all motorists not to tie up valuable NHS or police time and resources by committing dangerous but preventable offences. Officers have reported an increase in road traffic offences after the social distancing measures were introduced a few weeks ago in the United Kingdom.

Many drivers have been found travelling without wearing a seatbelt, using their mobile phone behind the wheel and some have even been caught drink or drug-driving. One Police Chief said: “Whilst most people are following the clear UK government advice to stay at home and to only make essential journeys, we have seen some motorists using the roads irresponsibly, by driving at highly excessive speeds on key routes and committing other offences. Such actions could have fatal consequences which would tie up the emergency services and medical resources right when they are needed the most.”

The police chief said that the police’s duty to uphold the law and keep the roads safe remains, despite the global health crisis. Those who are caught breaking the law will most definitely be dealt with.

Government advice says you should only leave home for food, health reasons, or to travel to work, where doing that work from home is impossible.

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