Driver Safety Tips We Should All Follow This Winter

From fog to black ice, the UK winter presents motorists with a range of challenges. To help keep safe behind the wheel, here are some driver safety tips for you to consider.

Driver Safety Tips We Should Follow This Chilly Season

Driver Safety Tips – Ice and snow

When the temperatures drops, you often have to de-ice your car in the morning. When you do so, don’t just clear your windscreen and windows. If there’s snow on the roof of your vehicle, sweep it off or it may fall onto your windscreen while you’re driving, blocking your view of the road.

To reduce the risk of skidding, tyres need a good grip. Although the minimum tread depth by law is 1.6mm, most experts recommend at least 3mm -, especially in winter. You may even want to consider winter tyres for better grip in the cold.

To reduce the risk of an accident, take it slow and leave space between your car and the vehicle in front. Stopping distances can be ten times greater in icy conditions, so avoid sudden manoeuvres. Also, on a downhill slope, reduce your speed and stay in a low gear. Avoid braking when you’re travelling downhill – If you need to slow down, apply the brakes gently.

There’s a chance your car will skid even if you are careful. If this happens, steer gently in the direction of the skid. If the back of your vehicle is sliding left, steer left – and vice versa.

Plan your route and stick to major roads that are more likely to be gritted. Watch out for black ice. As a rule, if the temperature is low and the road surface appears to be wet, drive with caution. This could well be ice and not water.

Driver Safety Tips – Fog

You are required by law to use your headlights when visibility is reduced (generally considered to mean you can not see for more than 100 metres). If visibility is especially poor, use your fog lights. As soon as conditions improve, you must switch them off.

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